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Internal communications and employee engagement are relatively new professions. However, research and guidance on best practice is coming in thick and fast! From the variety of different and diverse studies to the generous sharing amongst the wonderful folks that have made improving the employee experience their calling – sometimes it’s coming so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with it all!

That’s why we’re making it a little easier for you to stay on top of current thinking by gathering together some of the most up-to-date, relevant and pioneering research pieces from across the industry, all in one place.

Whether you’re building the profile of Internal Communications in your organisation or looking to convince the C-suite to invest in employee engagement – or you just want to enhance your own understanding – we’re sure you’ll find it all intriguing, valuable and possibly very motivating!

So roll up your sleeves (or eyelids!) and take a delve into the exceptional insights awaiting below.



Internal Communications
and Wellbeing

What you’ll discover…

Definitive proof that effective internal comms not only has a significant impact on the bottom line – but on employee engagement, health and wellbeing too


Happeo & Mike Klein

The present and future of internal comms

What you’ll discover…

A ‘view from the trenches’ exploration of what internal communicators are saying about the future of the profession



How Internal Communicators can help leaders communicate & engage

What you’ll discover…

50 global internal communications share insights, advice and best practice to help you transform your senior leaders and managers into exceptional communicators



State of the Sector 2019

What you’ll discover…

The state of the internal communications industry, year by year. Examining annual trends in priorities, challenges, budgets and more

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Wayne Aspland and Zora Artis

Strategic alignment – how communicators can change the face of leadership

What you’ll discover…

The critical role internal communicators play in ensuring their organisations are strategically aligned – and how you can go about making it happen



2018 trends in global employee engagement

What you’ll discover…

An in-depth look at how global employee engagement levels have progressed against a challenging backdrop of uncertainty and change


IC Kollectif

The next level: the business value of good internal communication

What you’ll discover…

A comprehensive examination of the value of strategic internal communication to business success, featuring insights from senior leaders, IC practitioners and academics around the world


VMA Group

Inside Insight 2018

What you’ll discover…

A ton of useful stats, facts and figures to help you benchmark your organisation’s internal communications against the rest of the industry


CIPR Inside

Making it count – the strategic value and effectiveness of internal communication

What you’ll discover…

An invaluable and revealing exploration of the internal communications profession, through the eyes of senior leaders



Changing Perspectives of Change

What you’ll discover…

Eye-opening insights that will challenge your thinking on organisational change, and give you some useful strategies for ensuring sustainable success


IC Kollectif

Disrupting the function of IC

What you’ll discover…

A wealth of inspiration, ideas and unique perspectives from 30 senior internal comms professionals, on key issues ranging from technology evolution, leadership buy-in and employee advocacy


A watershed moment for engagement and IC…

MacLeod and Clarke

Engaging for success: enhancing performance through employee engagement

What you’ll discover…

The seminal insights and research that transformed global understanding of employee engagement as a key strategic enabler – and have guided thinking around it ever since