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Major change communications

Major change communications

Discover how we'll help you achieve smashing results by putting people at the heart of your change communications.

Why is communicating change important?

Humans are one of the most adaptable species on earth. We’ve been evolving for millennian and every day we readily respond and react to the changes, whether that’s a diversion on our morning commute, a new job role or having to choose an alternative when our favourite restaurant runs out of our go-to dish.

A change can be exciting. A change is as good as a rest. So why does this word have an uncanny knack of arousing fear in organisations and people alike?

Our research proves it’s not change that employees have an issue with – it’s the way it’s communicated. If people feel change is happening to them, they’ll feel helpless and disengaged. It’s a recipe for resistance. And it’ll put the brakes on a major change programme before it’s even left the starting blocks.

By supporting our clients to put people at the heart of each of their communications – so that employees feel they are shaping the changes rather than having change ‘done’ to them – we’ve helped organisations worldwide to engage, inspire and motivate their teams to evolve and adapt for the future.

Proven methods and techniques for communicating change

Whether it’s a restructure, a rebrand or a new strategic direction, effective internal communications are key to getting your people on board.

But what does this look like in practice?

For starters, the key messages need to resonate with everyone – regardless of language barriers or cultural differences. They need to be easy to understand, and engaging enough that people want to sit up and listen. So keep it simple.

Highlighting the benefits that change will bring to each of your employees provides the motivation for them to make it happen. If they can answer ‘what’s in it for me’, then you know you’re on to a winner.

Leaders who live the changes – and your culture – will naturally inspire people to join them on your organisation’s change journey. Change ‘champions’ at every level of your business will further drive momentum while providing the eyes and ears that keep your plans on track.

And when you reinforce this with rich, manager-led conversations that spark meaningful dialogue from the c-suite to the front line, you can take pride in not just communicating change but also influencing transition.

These tried, tested and powerful techniques have led to the creation of our very own ‘star model’ – a model that has helped influence transition and drive positive change with thousands of employees.

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