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Culture communications

Culture communications

Every organisation has its own unique culture so why not make it one you’re proud to call your own?

Enhancing organisational culture

Culture is a combination of values, beliefs, rituals and people.

Some of these – such as your values and the behaviours they promote – will be written down and codified. These set the standards and define the ‘rules’ and expectations within your organisation. People, on the other hand, come with their own unique personalities, ideas, perceptions and behaviours.

As with people, cultures shift and change. And culture will happen, whether you nurture it or not.

Your people will have a dramatic impact on your culture simply by being themselves. Supporting them to do this while inspiring them to nurture the culture that fits with your future goals is therefore a win-win.

Understanding and developing your organisational culture

You know where your organisation wants to be. Your culture is the vehicle that will either get it there – or hold it back.

Our experienced researchers will get to the nub of where your culture is right now, and where it needs to be to realise your ambitions. We’re likely to use a combination of in-depth interviews, immersive workshops, co-creation sessions and other activities to paint a rich picture of what your culture looks and feels like today.

Once you can articulate what your culture is (and what it isn’t), it becomes easier to nurture and care for it through the entire employee lifecycle.

Effectively communicating your values

Values are only one part of your culture – but boy, are they a critical part. They define the behaviours that power how you do things around here. They guide people to make decisions that support your future success. And they shine a light on what great looks like so every employee can feel proud to take ownership.

Maybe you’ve already defined your core values. Or perhaps you need support to understand what your values are. Whatever stage you’re at, we can combine our strategic thinking with showstopping creative to create value-based programmes that’ll make sure everyone in your organisation understands your values, feels a sense of pride and is inspired to bring them to life, every day.

After all, you could simply put your values in fancy frames and stick them in your reception. But wouldn’t it be great if instead you had everything you needed to make sure your values are lived, breathed and put into action in every corner of your business?

Creative ways to bring your culture to life

We’ve partnered with clients across the globe to help define, develop and bring to life their desired culture.

We’ve supported thousands of culture champions worldwide to live, breathe and promote desired cultures. Created culture codes that provide a tangible sense of what a culture is, together with experiential activities that turn the words into actions. Designed manager-led conversations that promote culture from the top down, supported by animations, experiential activities and powerful tools and materials that feed culture from the bottom up.

Your culture is unique. So we always create a programme that’s unique to you.

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