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  • Creative comms
    Storytelling Blog Header image

    A 6 Step Formula For Telling Stories That Stick

    - by Saskia Jones

    Communications extraordinaire Saskia Jones dives into the most timeless genre of storytelling – children’s fiction – and picks out 6 eye-opening lessons it can teach us about shaping stories that last a lifetime.

  • Internal comms
    Improving communication article header

    Improving Internal Communications From The Top

    - by Advita Patel

    CIPR Inside Chair Advita Patel explores how internal comms professionals can work with senior leaders to transform their communication skills – and help them create messages that inspire and delight.

  • Employee engagement
    Leadership Horror Stories article header

    6 Leadership Horror Stories From The Silver Screen

    - by handh

    As ghosts, demons and all manner of monstrous creatures emerge from the shadows for Halloween, we get to grips with some ghastly ghouls of our own – and explore 9 horror stories of poor leadership in the workplace (taking inspiration from the silver screen) that will make employees everywhere shudder with fear!

  • Employee engagement
    giving back

    Why Leaders Should Give Back

    - by handh

    In 2017, we discovered that ‘Senior Leaders’ had jumped from sitting at 7th place on the list of Top Global Engagement Opportunities – to ranking 3rd, above direct line managers.

  • Employee engagement
    Be constructive, not destructive

    How leaders can give feedback that inspires

    - by handh

    Imagine your senior leader or manager gives you a piece of paper and says, ‘I’d like you to write down an honest opinion you hold of me. It can be anything you like. I’m going to put it in a hat with all your colleagues’ feedback, and pick them out at random, so what you say will be completely anonymous’.

    Would you go down the positive route, and write something pleasant and praising? Or would you take the opportunity to point out a niggling issue or failure?