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Business direction

Business direction

Looking for creative ways to communicate your strategy? Take a look at how we’ll work with you to create something truly standout.

Creative ways to communicate your strategy

Start with ‘why’. Keep it simple. And find ways to help everyone in your organisation form a powerful and personal link to your strategic direction. This tried and tested approach has proven hugely effective with our clients worldwide, delivering meaningful results and measurable impact.

Each of our clients has different goals and ambitions, unique purposes and diverse needs. We tailor all our programmes to answer these specific needs. Each programme therefore looks very different. Yet in each one, we’ve started with ‘why’, kept things simple and inspired every colleague to play their part in making it happen.

Mission, vision and purpose – what’s the difference?

Your purpose tells the world why you as an organisation exist. Your vision sets out your goals. Your mission details how you’ll bring that vision to life.

Thanks to our strategic approach – which combines a deep understanding of human psychology together with powerful creative – we’ll communicate your mission, vision and purpose so that your people know where you’re heading and why. We’ll support your people to join the dots between their individual role and the bigger picture of what you’re aiming to achieve together. And we’ll equip them with the motivation and clarity that will drive your organisation forward.

Bringing your purpose to life

Your purpose sets out your ‘why’. It is both a call to action and your reason for being.

Any organisation can have a written down well-crafted purpose. But the most successful organisations live by their purpose. Purpose-driven organisations are proven to connect more meaningfully – with their people, their customers and the world around them.

They are more resilient and trusted, because they seek value that extends way beyond profits. They retain talent by giving employees an aspirational reason for being. And they spark innovation and opportunities by encouraging employees to look at the bigger picture.

Whether through storytelling, manager-led conversations, experiential activities or carefully-crafted microsites and materials, we’ll make sure your purpose isn’t just words in a script but underpins the decisions your employees make and the actions they take.

Re-energising people behind your direction

Why should your people care about the strategy, particularly those on the front line? What will really inspire them to play their part in achieving your goals and ambitions?

Putting people at the heart of your strategy, making clear what’s in it for them, and giving a defined, inspiring vision of your future will generate the kind of excitement and intrigue that will drive employees to help make that future happen.

We’ll work alongside you to develop creative and proven ways to translate and communicate your strategy in a way that every employee can understand. Whether through gamification, experiential activities, digital platforms or old-skool print, we’ll help make your people sit up and listen and get involved – and ultimately forge a personal link with your strategic direction.

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